Are you tired of shaving and waxing? Would you like to avoid razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and acne-like breakouts when you shave? Laser hair removal does all that and more. Bella Mobile Spa & Laser can help you get rid of hair permanently with a spa laser treatment applied at our studio. Experience a 70% to 90% permanent removal of unwanted hair by laser technique after completing a number of treatments (depending on your skin type). We will customize a laser hair removal program that provides you with the safest, most effective results possible.

For laser hair removal, we utilize the groundbreaking Rapid DPC that is a singular stand alone device based on Dynamic Pulse Control™ (DPC) technology. The Rapid DPC delivers:

  • Clinically proven, safe and effective treatments,
  • Shorter treatment time than traditional IPL,
  • ‘Lunch-time’ procedures with no downtime,
  • Visible results from the 1st treatment,
  • Non-invasive treatments,
  • Effective treatment for most skin types,
  • Ability to treat all year round.

Our laser hair removal treatments are offered in-studio only and not as a mobile service. Below, you may find the price list for our laser hair removal treatments:

Services In-Studio Prices Mobile Prices
Upper Lip $50.00 N/A
Chin $70.00 N/A
Upper Lip & Chin $100.00 N/A
Hair Line $100.00 N/A
Cheeks $70.00 N/A
Sideburns $70.00 N/A
Underarms $100.00 N/A
Areola $60.00 N/A
Hands & Fingers $75.00 N/A
Feet & Toes $75.00 N/A
Full Face $145.00 N/A
Neck $100.00 N/A
Upper Arms $140.00 N/A
Lower Arms $140.00 N/A
Shoulders $120.00 N/A
Bikini Line $120.00 N/A
Belly Button Line $75.00 N/A
Full Arms $175.00 N/A
Chest $150.00 N/A
Full Legs $325.00 N/A
Upper Legs $220.00 N/A
Lower Legs $220.00 N/A
Abdomen $150.00 N/A
Full Back $220.00 N/A
Lower Back $150.00 N/A
Inner Thighs $140.00 N/A
Buttocks $150.00 N/A
Brazilian $150.00 N/A
For Men
Neck $100.00 N/A
Shoulders $150.00 N/A
Underarms $120.00 N/A
Chest $225.00 N/A
Abs $120.00 N/A
Upper Back $180.00 N/A
Lower Back $150.00 N/A
Full Back $280.00 N/A
Buttocks $175.00 N/A

We also provide the following treatment packages that are designed for those who have completed a minimum of 6 treatments in an area, and are not suited for full growth or dense and dark hair population. We will target stubborn hair aggressively.

Services Packages of 3
Upper Lip Touch Ups $100.00
Chin Touch Ups $120.00
Underarm Touch Ups $180.00
Half Face & Front of Neck Touch Ups $200.00
Brazilian/Deep Bikini Touch Ups $300.00
Brazilian/Deep Bikini & Extended Inner Thigh $500.00


  • All services and packages are priced per person.
  • This service is available in-studio only.

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