Our manicure service consists of filing and shaping the free edge, pushing and clipping any nonliving tissue with a cuticle pusher and cuticle nippers (limited to the cuticle and hangnails), treatments with various liquids, and a hands massage, and finally you will end up with fabulous looking nails. It is a great way to reward yourself.

  • Bella Basic Manicure

Our basic manicure includes nail and cuticle work, finished with polish.

  • Bella Spa Manicure

Bella Spa Manicure includes our Basic Manicure, plus a gentle hand/arm exfoliation, hand and arm massage, your choice of polish (French included). We also have an additional option to include paraffin wax treatment.

Services In-Studio Prices Mobile Prices
Bella Basic Manicure $15.00 $40.00
Bella Spa Manicure $30.00 $50.00
Paraffin Wax Treatment (Bella Spa Manicure) $5.00 N/A
Shellac (Bella Spa Manicure) $10.00 $65.00



  • All services and packages are priced per person.
  • Mobile services can only be booked for service packages or multiple service requests. Mobile option is not available only for a single service.
  • There will be additional transportation fee for mobile services in line with the mileage.
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